Customised B-BBEE consultations


At Bee-Equal we understand that every company is different and strives towards its own unique  

B-BBEE compliancy goal. Our experienced team will partner with you, give you advice and integrate both your scorecard target and legislation requirements into your business growth strategy, enabling you to reach the level that best suits your key objectives.

Through customised consultations, Bee-Equal will guide you through the Codes of Good Practice (COGP) including ownership, management control, skills development, enterprise and supplier development, and socio-economic development, making sure that you fully comprehend every aspect of B-BBEE and its policies.

We will then analyse your current status and give you a set of practical options that will allow you to earn the points necessary, through skills training and development, employment equity solutions and business learnerships and administration, to ensure your ultimate success.

Bee-Equal offers smart, simple solutions at affordable rates that will help you:

Assess your prospects through:

01 | Understanding the COGPs pertaining to your company
02 | Pinpointing your B-BBEE investments
03 | Evaluating your current compliancy levels

Plan your scorecard strategy through:

01 | Delivering compliance at the lowest possible cost through the integration of mandatory compliance, skills development and employment equity initiatives
02 | Ensuring that all business investments count whilst complying with relevant legislation
03 | Enabling your business to obtain the highest score yield through effective actioning
04 | Implementing hands-on acquisitions strategies within set deadlines
05 | Identifying effective steps to achieve the optimal B-BBEE status

Apply your B-BBEE business goals through:

01 | Monitoring, managing and correcting your B-BBEE strategies
02 | Providing evidentiary templates
03 | Assembling, evaluating and scoring your B-BBEE file prior to verification
04 | Preparing your B-BBEE verification

Authenticate your accredited B-BBEE certification through:

01 | Verifying and signing off all documents pertaining to your B-BBEE certification, scorecard and report
02 | Ensuring that your accredited B-BBEE certificate complies with all affiliated regulations

Ready to become partners in taking your B-BBEE compliance to the next level?