In-Store Display + POS

Does your brand stand out in retail?

Point-Of-Sale (POS) solutions, in-store branding and high-impact retail campaigns are what we do best. We understand the importance of aligning price, place and promotions with the uniqueness of every store. From banners, posters, wobblers, isle wings, ITR displays, category banners, shelf talkers/strips, product glorifiers to blitz displays, and so much more – we can supply it all.

We have extensive experience in developing high-impact retail campaigns for major national retailers and the agility to manage quick turn-around, high turnover retail solutions.

From conceptual designs, creating of drawing packs to technical refinement of designs, we fully understand the printing and production process.
Our designs are unique, innovative and tailored to specifications of projects/briefs.

Our POS categories include;
Temporary POS (3 – 6 months in trade), i.e laminated corrugate units
Semi-permanent POS (6 – 12 months in trade) i.e PSUs (parasite units), ABS cladding etc
Permanent POS (12 months and more) i.e metal trolleys, wooden displays/shelving

Project Management
We take care of all the liaising with production suppliers, to ensure that production is completed on budget and time. From pre-production samples to post-production samples, we’ve got it covered. We make sure that the job gets done, to specification and perfection.

High-impact retail
campaigns are
what we do best